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AZ: Crafting Authenticity Through Pain and Growth in Music

Written by Alexandria Anglade

In the ever-evolving landscape of music, artists emerge as storytellers, each with their unique narrative to share. AZ, a rising talent, offers an intimate glimpse into his journey, emotions, and artistic evolution. With a distinctive blend of honesty and creative energy, AZ delves into the inspiration behind his latest composition, his evolution as a musician, and the influencers that have shaped his musical identity.

At the heart of AZ's artistry lies his willingness to lay bare his emotions. His latest composition, "Heartless," is a poignant reflection of his own experiences. The song unveils a narrative of trust, love, and eventual betrayal—a story familiar to many. AZ candidly shares, "I put my trust, love, & everything I had into someone who I thought I was going to build and be with forever. Just to be stabbed in the back and abandoned when you needed them most." The pain of this ordeal acted as a catalyst for the creation of "Heartless," a raw expression of his feelings.

**2. Evolution in Progress: A Musical Journey**

AZ's growth as an artist is evident through the layers of his music, dating back over a decade. He acknowledges his journey of transformation, observing the changes in his video and studio production, style, and flow. "I can say I've finally found my sound," AZ asserts. His evolution, from a novice to a self-sufficient artist who records, mixes, and masters his work, is marked by a commitment to continuous improvement. The recognition he's garnered from reputable platforms like 6ixbuzz and Genius, as well as the opportunities to perform and travel, fuels his determination for further growth.

While AZ's music is distinctly his own, he acknowledges the influence of several artists who've resonated with him. Mentioning Justin Bieber, who also hails from Ontario and achieved global stardom through YouTube, AZ draws inspiration from his journey. Additionally, icons like Drake, Bryson Tiller, PartyNextDoor, Lil Baby, Popcaan, and Burna Boy have left their mark on him. As a Guyanese artist, AZ shares a sense of kinship with those who've risen from humble beginnings to international acclaim.

AZ's creative process is a harmonious fusion of emotion, flow, and authenticity. Choosing beats that align with his mood, he crafts an organic connection between the music and his feelings. His writing technique, rooted in spontaneity, involves stepping into the recording booth to capture the flow, followed by carefully placing lyrics within the rhythm. AZ's unorthodox approach yields impressive results, culminating in records that showcase his lyrical genius. For AZ, the right mindset is a determination to put in the work, with a philosophy of "early campaign" to seize opportunities and make his dreams a reality.

AZ's music encapsulates a journey of pain, growth, and authenticity. Through songs like "Heartless," he transforms personal experiences into relatable stories that resonate with audiences. His evolution as an artist stands as a testament to dedication and self-discovery, resulting in a sound that's uniquely his own. Drawing inspiration from both global icons and his Caribbean roots, AZ's creative process is a testament to his commitment to his craft. With each record he releases and every stage he graces, AZ solidifies his presence in the music industry, reminding us that amidst the challenges, the pursuit of one's passion remains a powerful force for change.

Instagram: @ashtonzaban

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