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Applying Principles with HandzOn

Written by Alexandria Anglade

It's no surprise that music can heal the soul. For HandzOn aka HumbleOne, the same applies.

What are you passionate about?

"Honesty, respect and loyalty."

Principles are what guide us, principles teach us discipline.

The New York City, is just getting started off with his goals since New Years.

How did you discover music?

My older brother Midnight inspired me To make music.

What is your favorite song that you’ve created so far?

That’s a tuff question, But my last song Is always my favorite, which is “All Family No Friends

The opportunity to promote yourself in an organic manner is a perfect way to dream about your aspirations.

Stay firm on your beliefs, as an artist your ideologies will help you achieve your long awaited goals.

Don't forget to check out HandzOn's music whenever you have some free time!

Instagram: @real_handzon

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