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Announcing the Emoclique Entrepreneurial Series with Santi

Written by Alexandria Anglade

Quickly rising social-media star Santi is here with us today to answer some questions that we had on his abrupt yet quick rise to fame!

1. What inspired you to become an entrepreneur?

What inspired me to be an entrepreneur was obviously that I didn’t want to have to work for someone else. I strongly believe that if you do what you love, the rest (money, fame, success) takes care of itself.

2. How do you deal with stress as an influencer?

How I personally deal with stress as an influencer is, I dedicate time to myself and my well being like my mental and physical health. I ensure to prioritize my health & when I post on social media I usually get off of it for a couple hours and not stay on it and check if it’s doing well or not because it creates unhealthy habits, I’m speaking from experience.

3. What is something that you want your fans to know about you?

Something I want my fans to know about me is that I never had life this easy and it didn’t just happen over night. I worked hard and sacrificed and took lots of risks to get where I am today.

4. How does it feel to only be sixteen and making a name for yourself as a professional Fortnite gamer?

My experience playing fortnite was really fun although throughout the years it got repetitive to me and boring as I got older, as most people know I used to play it professionally for a team named Devour. I eventually quit and started to peruse my career as an entrepreneur & influencer.

5. How did you get into marketing?

I got into marketing once I started doing e-commerce, I then started to network with other influencers.

Instagram: @santi.btc

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