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Andre McCallum's Every Night

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

Written by Alexandria Anglade

Social media influencer and artist Andre McCallum has dropped his latest MV Every Night.

Surprisingly receiving 10.2k views in only less than a week, the internet sensation is only getting started with his craft.

A lyrical MC that is consistent with punchlines, A.M. is on track to become the next biggest thing.

"I take immense pride in my craft. The support from my amazing 75.4k followers means everything to me", states Andre McCallum.

Casual and clear visuals, the musician has also dipped into the waters of writing and entrepreneurship.

In addition, Andre's Every Night, is off his album CHILDHOOD DREAMS.

"Although many of us have faced challenges during these unprecedented times, I strongly believe that all of us will be able to rise above and continue to keep these doors of opportunity open for the following generations", proclaims A.M.

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