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AbMotiv8s: A Musical Journey Rooted in Faith and Family

Music runs through the veins of AbMotiv8s, a Newark, NJ native whose family roots trace back to Alabama. Growing up surrounded by the musical influences of his country/gospel-singing father and hip-hop artist brother, AbMotiv8s found his own path in the world of music.

His journey took a significant turn when he decided to shift from secular music to creating music for God, spreading the gospel, and following the teachings of Jesus Christ. This pivotal moment marked a profound shift in AbMotiv8s' musical identity, emphasizing a higher purpose in his creative expression.

The creative process for AbMotiv8s begins with capturing the melody or hook, setting the tone for the entire song. Writing lyrics follows, with a meticulous focus on aligning them with the established melody or hook. This approach reflects a thoughtful and intentional process in crafting his music.

Influenced by both his father's country/gospel style and his brother's hip-hop background, AbMotiv8s incorporates a diverse range of musical elements into his work. His instrument of choice, the acoustic guitar, pays homage to his father's country roots, creating a harmonious blend when paired with his vocals.

Despite the challenges faced in the music industry, AbMotiv8s relies on discernment and prayer to navigate opportunities, distinguishing between those aligned with his faith and purpose and those that are not. This spiritual foundation serves as a guiding force in his musical journey.

Balancing the technical aspects of music with emotions, AbMotiv8s emphasizes the importance of allowing creativity to flow naturally. He only writes when inspiration strikes, believing that music is at its purest when it emerges organically.

With a new single, "The Homie Vessel," on the horizon, AbMotiv8s anticipates a transformative moment in his career. Grateful for the opportunity to be used by God for a greater purpose, he shares advice for aspiring musicians: prioritize faith, infuse purpose into your music, surround yourself with believers, embrace the creative process, and fearlessly experiment.

AbMotiv8s acknowledges the evolution of his music, transitioning from creating what he thought the world wanted to hear to crafting narratives based on his life experiences. Grounded in his morals and principles, his music now serves a dual purpose—reflecting his personal journey while contributing to a larger, meaningful narrative.

Instagram: @abthedirector

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