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A Synopsis of GLOWPHORIA

Written by Alexandria Anglade

Upcoming artist ZTAR MAGC, pronounced "star magic" is here with us today to give us an in-depth perspective in regards to his latest project "GLOWPHORIA".

"Narcissism, sex addition, along with jealously. The order of the songs definitely describes the mood swings ZTAR has shown with women."

Furthermore, as many artists are steadily dropping new projects this summer, the competition is expected to heat up even more!

"TOURIST DELIGHT, FERRARI, dares the euphoric feeling of dropping this shorty off the team while keeping her present."

"NANI'S BODY, POSITIVE TIME, completes the plot as the girl he's watching, is attractive and irresistible."

Furthermore, it sounds like ZTAR has A-M-A-Z-I-N-G story-telling skills!

"UH UH UH!, HOCCHE MAMA, and AURA is where it finally starts to get edgy...

As the project comes to a close, you can finally truly put the pieces together and breathlessly wait for ZTAR's next release.

Instagram: @ztar_magic

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