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A Quick Q&A with Sparkout Jay

Written by Alexandria Anglade

Recently, rising talent-act Sparkout Jay has joined us for a quick little chat about his music career. The following are questions that the is ready to share with his beloved fans.

1. How did you come up with the name Sparkout Jay?

"I got my name while I was on FaceTime with my ***** Malikthesheik and the thing about that was it just somewhat came out nowhere and I stuck with it since then."

2. What are your opinions on your latest track?

"I feel like my latest track .Whole Lotta Tide, went crazy as **** and it was hands down one of my best songs that I have released thus far.

3. How are you incorporating versatility within the music?

"I try to be as versatile as possible in everything such as: flows, beats, and moods to be honest because for me, that's what makes music fun.

4. To conclude, what is your current strategy for releasing music?

"My strategy right now is just consistently dropping content and limiting the breaks and also having everything done ahead of time for finalization.

Instagram: @sparkoutjay

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