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A Quick Q&A w/ Malikthesheik

Written by Alexandria Anglade

Today we have upcoming artist Malikthesheik here with us today to answer a couple questions about his thrilling, movie-like lifestyle.

Q: Where are you from?

A. I was born in Lakeland, it's a small town in Florida so everybody know everybody. I used to go to my dad’s house alot as [a] kid growing up.Going outside with [my] sister when she would come over playing boards games, video games, you know all that kid ****. Then I moved up to Jacksonville which is [this] big *** city when I was 11 years old through 21 years and now I'm living in Orange Park but its not too far from Jacksonville.

Q:What got you into rapping?

A. A: I still remember the day where my friend Issac told me I should start rapping in elementary school. Me and friend Issac started freestyling on the bus going back and forth, and he was [like] “aye man you good you should just start writing. Every since then I continued to write in my notebook from the time to time but not really that heavy. Until 9th grade I started back and made my first song with my high school friend Marvin and started my own SoundCloud in 2017.

Q:What are your goals as a artist this year?

A: I want to make two albums this year along with my first music video, and just have my face more out there cause these pass years i just been releasing songs without making a project or a music video.

Q: How did you get the name Malikthesheik?

A:I got the name Malikthesheik from when I was on the phone with my friend Marvin. We was talking about music for a good little minute on that call and we were just going through different names until one stuck and Malikthesheik was the one stuck with me. Plus I got it from the game Zelda cause it was [a] character in the game that I thought was cool in mysterious and that’s how I view my artistry in a way.

Instagram: @malikthesheik


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