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A New Meaning to Art

Written by Alexandria Anglade

XXi Picasso, is an upcoming talent-act that is here to make his mark in the industry with a brand new attitude.

The self-proclaimed 21st Century Picasso states that his inspiration comes from the following...

"I know it sounds cliché, but [music is] everywhere. Music creation is more of a spiritual evolution than a money grab for me, so as long as I'm in good spirits, I'm making good music."

In a world where copying is a form of flattery, XXi Picasso is quite different from your average artist.

"I have complete control over my music. I rap, sing, produce, and engineer almost all my songs. Not only that I spend allot of time producing, writing, and engineering for other up-and-coming artists."

Moreover, his experience growing up in Brooklyn also develops the taste for music that XXi Picasso has learned to love.

"Growing up in Brooklyn, music is all around you...everywhere you go there's a different song playing. Some good, some bad, but it's all expression at the end of the day and as a kid, I connected with all of it."


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