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A Legend in the Making with BhramaBull

Written by Alexandria Anglade

Taking it back to the iconic mixtape era, BhramaBull is bringing the heat with his new project!

When asked what inspired his latest album, the following was stated...

"Back in the day, I was very persistent with the creation of mixtapes. Now I'm essentially creating a full-circle like moment with my peers for this album. As streaming has changed the political climate within the music industry drastically, the talent will always be there. Being a producer has challenged my worth ethic tremendously."

Being a musician in today's environment is hardly for the weak, where being politically correct matters more than selling out stadiums.

"I do music because it brings me joy. Monetary gain does not hold an importance for me. Holding myself to a high standard and creating quality art... that's what makes me satisfied."

Overall, Evolution 3 took approximately six months to complete. As producer, waiting on verses from various artists can be a hefty wait at times! Nevertheless, the project combines different ideas and notions all into one masterpiece.

Instagram: @bhramabull


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