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A Legend in the Making

Written by Alexandria Anglade

Recently, we got to sit down with veteran artist FayzDaTrapr in regards to his prominent success as a public figure.

"Currently I have four new albums that I'm in the process of mixing and mastering with everyone on the west coast."

"Some notable names that I have already worked with are Bravo The Bag Chaser, J. Stone, Rucci, Ash Bash Tha Rapper and more."

Outside of these major co-signs, Fayz is just getting started! Summer has started so it's only right for most artists to focus on their craft.

"Right now, I'm also under new management with the one and only Adrian Swish. I'm quite ecstatic for Atlantic Records A&R Gary Leon, discovering my music as well."

Well, I know I'm super excited for these upcoming drops from the infamous king of the 818! Make sure to stay tuned and follow Fayz on all of his socials below.

Instagram: @fayzdatrapr


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