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Sage7: Crafting Musical Stories with Passion and Perseverance

Written by Alexandria Anglade

Sage7, a rising artist on the cusp of a promising music career, shares the insight into his creative process, influences, and what drives his passion for making music.

Inspiration from Love

Sage7's journey into the world of music was kindled by his profound love for the art. He understood that love required time and commitment, and as he invested more of himself into music, it became an integral part of his life. To kickstart his music career, he worked at Home Depot, diligently saving money to acquire recording gear.

Crafting with Imagination

Sage7's creative process is an intimate journey of envisioning the messages he wishes to convey through his music. He finds solace in moments of silence, allowing himself to dive into different scenarios and memories, translating them into the melodic stories he shares with the world.

Diverse Inspirations

Sage7 draws inspiration from a wide spectrum of artists. His eclectic taste includes Earl Sweatshirt, Lil Wayne, Daft Punk, Chief Keef, and Superheaven, all contributing to his unique and evolving musical style.

Beating Writer's Block through Activity

Sage7 rarely encounters writer's block, thanks to his bustling schedule. Immersed in various activities, he never feels stuck when it comes to making music. For him, staying busy is the ultimate remedy to overcome creative hurdles.

Memorable Open Mic Debut

Sage7 cherishes his first open mic performance as a truly meaningful moment in his career. It was the first time he witnessed a live audience connecting with his music on a personal level, a heartwarming experience that fueled his dedication.

Unconventional Recording Sessions

While Sage7 doesn't consider himself deeply entrenched in the music industry, he has had some amusing drunk recording sessions. These lighthearted moments remind him of the fun and spontaneity that music can bring.

Sustained Motivation

Sage7's motivation as a music artist remains unwavering because he hasn't achieved all his goals yet. The thought of giving up and never reaching those milestones is a driving force that keeps him committed to his craft. His goals serve as a constant reminder to keep pushing forward.

Musical Versatility

Learning to play the violin is a future aspiration for Sage7. Expanding his instrumental skills will undoubtedly add new dimensions to his musical creations.

Thriving on Energy

Sage7 thrives on the energetic connection with his audience. The feeling of having a crowd passionately embrace his music is unlike any other, propelling him forward in his artistic journey.

Upcoming EP

Exciting times are ahead as Sage7's first EP, "Prodigal Seraphim," is set to be released at the end of October or the beginning of November. This musical journey promises to be a triumphant and cinematic experience, a testament to Sage7's dedication and love for the craft. Be sure to watch out for it; it's bound to be a spectacular release. Sage7's music is a testament to the passion, dedication, and love that he pours into his craft, and his journey is just beginning.

Instagram: @sage7music

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