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A Florida Inspiration: Glo Golden

Updated: May 13

Written by Alexandria Anglade

What is it like being signed?

"It’s a big accomplishment being signed it feels great after all the things I’ve been through in life thus far. Also looking forward to my debut mixtape Misunderstood dropping June 1st there's a lot in store for me and my future so I’m ready to get the ball rolling".

As an artist, do you ever feel left out of society? If so, why?

"Fun and hanging out comes last sometimes due to me having to work on music find the right beats for songs etc. I wouldn’t say I feel left out because I do hang out occasionally but it’s definitely different being a artist and scheduling and time is everything".

Working on your craft holds more value to you in the future than spending your leisure time partying.

When you look back five years from now, you'll thank yourself for being consistent with your craft.

What does your hair mean to you?

"My hair means a lot to me I’ve been growing my dreads since my senior year of high school I graduated in 2014. I’m 27 now so it’s been 10 years I’ve grown as a person a lot from then to now so my hair is a symbol of growth and strength throughout all the trials and tribulations I’ve faced in my life since high school".

Within minority cultures, our hair connects us with our ancestry. It is more to us than just a "fashion accessory". Never let anyone tell you how to wear YOUR hair.

Instagram: @glogoldenthugger_

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