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A Diamond in the Rough

Written by Alexandria Anglade

Born in Daejeon, a city in South Korea, Kaitokyu is an independent-artist emerging from the Floridan underground music scene.

When asked about his heritage, the following was stated.

"Although I was born in Daejeon, I was adopted so I'm not entirely familiar with my background. Once I as adopted, I was brought to Colorado and then lived in Florida. I don't know anything about my real mom or dad except they had some sexy genes."

Despite lacking a sense of familiarity, KaitoKyu has learned to embrace his challenging past and use these experiences as motivation.

"My best ideas come from being alone. Once you get through the negativity, you find that positivity."

Overall, Kaitokyu can be described as someone who has a unique soul. Music comes from within, from thoughts, or even ideas. It's all up to the creator.

Instagram: @kaitokyu

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