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A Deep Sentiment with 6ixfrzn

Written by Alexandria Anglade

In this latest interview with 6ixfrzn we will be discussing his upbringing and working on becoming a community leader in the future.

When asked what inspired him to choose music as a career path, the following was stated...

"Ever since I could remember.. I was 3 years old with a toy guitar, I was always into music. And always knew that music was my gift, since the age of 3 I’ve suffered trauma, hardships, and in the pursuit of making music, as early as 13 I was looking up to J. Cole and I wrote myself a 4 page essay on how I was going to be somebody one day and how no matter what happened in the journey I promised myself I wouldn’t give up."

"When I was 16, I got my first job at some dietary care at $9 an hour saved up for 5 months just to get a iMac so that I could make music on Logic pro x and continue to pursue my dream. A lot of blood sweat and tears went into this dream just to get to the point that I’m at."

A dream of ambition that has manifested to reality, 6ixfrzn is dedicated to taking his music to new heights. Hard work will pay off in places where talent cannot take you.

Despite his harsh upbringing, 6ixfrzn's hope of a better future for the next generation contains a quintessence of humility to say the least.

"I wouldn’t be who I am had I never been traumatized, hurt, or heartbroken as many times as I did. my experiences gave me a very clear understanding of what my purpose is, and how I process life events in order to translate them into song. Most people had someone to protect them, I did not. I was alone and had to deal with most of my problems alone often seeking guidance from strangers or love from strangers to suffice for the love I never received from home"

"My music is for the people that felt alone, betrayed, like they can’t trust a single soul in this life. The ambition to make a huge change in your life even when it’s crumbling before you. My music is for the people that have the desire to not want to give up on life itself. 4 suicide attempts being so close to death with one of those, I know how that could feel, the loneliness and desire for someone to just feel your pain and understand you. I make music for those people. You’re never alone."

Ultimately, success is a formula that requires patience and time. Milestones and progress can be seen at a distance. However, it is your intent that truly matters.

Instagram: @6ixfrzn

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