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A Deep Dive into FGE Jet

Written by Alexandria Anglade

Florida artist FGE Jet is back at it again with dropping a new single titled "RAW".

Hailing from Hollywood, the previous month alone Jet reached over 100k streams on his last single "Booted Up".

What inspired you to make music?

"At first I was just making music for myself, I wasn't even trying to be a rapper, I was just using it to escape from my environment. I was going through it and felt I ain't have anybody to talk to so I just put my life into my songs".

Besides being consistent with his music, Jet also spoke to us about his childhood back in South Florida.

"I can't say I had it bad because I wake up everyday breathing and some people can't say that but I definitely had it rough, it was a long period of time in my life where I was going to bed hungry, had no new clothes or anything, so I turnt to hustling doing whatever I felt I had to."

“South Florida is grimy as hell shit get wicked down here, can't tell who's real and who's not. Everybody tryna get a bag, it's like the hunger games...survival of the fittest."

How did the MSD (Marjory Stoneman Douglas) mass shooting affect you?

"Most of the kids at that school lived in the suburbs they whole life so I feel it affected me a little different. They're not used to seeing or witnessing stuff like that."

"I grew up in Fort Myers, surrounded by gun violence. So my mind is not as sensitive to those types of things. It's a tragedy what happened though, those kids weren't meant to die, they were just innocent kids going to school to learn, they weren't involved in any type of street activities, it's sad."

Do you suffer from PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) ?

"I didn't realize I had PTSD until I visited a therapist recently for anxiety and nightmares. My whole life I been on go mode kinda like survival mode and chaotic. You don't really realized how it's messing up your head until you get to a point in your life life where you got a little bit of peace, that's when the PTSD kicks in; nightmares, anxiety, constantly checking my surroundings."

As of now, FGE Jet is consistently stacking up his releases and gearing for summer. If you haven't already, make sure to follow Jet on Instagram @954jet

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