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A Deep Dive Behind Artistry

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

Written by Alexandria Anglade

Traveling to chase your dreams is a feat that some are very rarely able to choose. However, The Artist has been able to do so from joyous friends and family.

“Originally, I was raised in (Almada) Margem Sul located on the southern margin of the Tagus River, on the opposite side of the river from Lisbon”, states The Artist.

Once The Artist moved from Portugal to London, his musical tastebuds expanded into areas that were foreign, yet physically intriguing at the same time.

“I left Portugal to escape the restrictive environment from my home-town, around 2011 I flew to Switzerland to look for a better life”, confirms The Artist.

“However, things didn’t work so a few months into 2011, on the 15th of August ,London became an option, the city where I would end up studying music which helped me to expand musically in 2 languages”, explains The Artist.

In hindsight, chasing your dreams can only be accomplished with having no regrets in life. A close-minded outlook can only get you so far...

Instagram: _official_the_artist

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