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A Conversation with Grant Lake

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

Written by Alexandria Anglade

Grant Lake, a 27-year-old visual arts enthusiast is here with us today to discuss his passions with film and much more.

Back in 2009, Grant first became acquainted with creating videos surprisingly using an iPod nano to create aesthetically-pleasing "bmx/scooter/skateboarding videos".

A couple of years after, in 2012 Mr.Lake was able to receive his first DSLR camera due to filming practices from a dance crew that he joined.

Around 2013, Grant filmed his first music video with Chem Klass as the lucky candidate.

Moving forward, 2016 became the year that he started to shoot more musical content frequently.

"I went to the Art Institute of Philadelphia for Visual Effects & Motion graphics in 2013 and decided to change my major to Digital Film Production in 2015 and graduated with my bachelors degree in 2018. After graduating from college I felt like it was a waste of time..."

"I felt as if I only learned the business side of things more than anything and in between my classes I would be watching tutorials on what I wanted to learn on YouTube."

Currently, Grant's goals consist of the following:

  • "To own a warehouse full of different sets for artists and creators to come in for use"

  • "Own a team full of people who have a passion for video/photography"

  • "Travel around the world documenting my travels and visiting places that people might not have seen before or would want to vacation at"

  • "And to change the mindset of people who think that “it’s over” in a certain situation when really it might be a setback of the sorts…overall having whoever I'm working with to know that everything will be ok and that everything happens for a reason…"

As January is only a couple of days away, it's important to stay on track and focus. Optimal efficiency can only occur with a clean mindset.

Instagram: @g_rantkillinit


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