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A Conscious Moment with G00db0iii

Written by Alexandria Anglade

"H I M" is a newly released project that by the multi-faceted artist G00db0iii.

"H I M part 1, is a five track EP that's centered around heavy bass, lyricism, and a versatile flow that serves as an introduction to not only who I am, but fully opening myself whole to my fans".

Outside of music, G00db0iii has pursued an interest in graphic design and film, as well as skateboarding and as of late; boxing.

"I also do graphic design under the name 303iart on Instagram and Facebook (commissions are open). In addition to, filming music videos, skateboarding, and hosting events at The Depot Freight Room".

"Correspoindgly, I decided to begin boxing as well. My family and hardworking friends always push me to do my best. Music has become somewhat of a first love to me, it's exhilarating.

Currently, G00db0iii is in the process of recording "H I M Part 2". Which will serve as a more thought-provoking and introspective side to his craft.

"I am currently working on H I M Part 2, whereas H I M Part 1, served as an introduction, part 2 reveals a more conscious and thought-out side to my artistry, and is essential to the heart of the 4 part project. There's also singing on this project which I'm really excited about".

Instagram: @g00db0iii

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