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101 Icon Releases New Single, Don't Play Safe ft. The Game

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

Written by Alexandria Anglade

Experienced entrepreneur 101 Icon has released his first single Don't Play featuring American rapper The Game.

Heavenly inspired by classical R&B, the multi-faceted rising icon is set to take off with multiple of his business ventures.

Outside of his entrepreneurial entities , 101 Icon has steadily been working on a new project titled [insert drumroll here] "Ambiance".

“I make music that I like, it’s my sound my style. I dont make music for people who can’t relate to how im living or how I feel. I’m just expressing myself showing a deeper side that most never get to see".

As a past celebrity barber, 101 Icon just recently tapped into his passion for creativity.

In short, 101 Icon is "A dedicated 24 year old entrepreneur born and raised in the rougher side of the San Fernando Valley raised by his mother. At the age of 20 he opened up his first business called Dappers Exclusive” a creative studio where all type of art is created alongside the dapper team".

It is such a sight of joy to see young and innovating individuals prosper in times where competition is seen constantly.

Instagram: @101icon

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